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Client Recommendation

Dr. Barbara Darby Recommendation Letter

Terry Green Recommendation Letter

“Miriam Davidson represented my mother for a full year in a complicated guardianship matter.  She posses a unique combination of skills for an attorney as she is a strategic thinker and tough advocate as well as being extremely empathetic. During each step in our unusual legal story, Miriam was consistently available and interested in weighing the legal options with my family. She represented my mother as I believe she would her own family which makes all the difference. It was obvious that Miriam continued to consider solutions after hours and that it mattered personally that we achieve the best possible outcome. She acted as a sounding board for my family as we dealt with difficult decisions, always offering feedback that was insightful and practical; she is an extremely good listener. Miriam is a true advocate and I cannot think of a person more suited to untangle complicated legal matters especially when a vulnerable person is involved.”

Petra V-B, Seattle, Washington

John Suo Recommendation Letter

Carol Ban Recommendation Letter

Sara Schechtman Recommendation Letter